MY GHOST KITCHEN is the World's 1st FOOD HALL and DELIVERY KITCHEN Hybrid, featuring 20 international and local F&B brands at each of its location. Some of the featured brands are Wings of New York, Tail & Fin, Gajah Mada, Canning Heritage and many more!

Gajah Mada by The Majapahit

Gajah Mada by The Majapahit serves tasty Southeast Asian dishes at an accessible price. Featuring cuisines of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, Gajah Mada is a place for food seekers to savour an array of specialty dishes found across Southeast Asia. Feast like royalty without burning a hole in your pocket at Gajah Mada.

Some signature dishes are: Bandung Chicken with Spicy Green Chilli, Malaysian Chicken Rendang & Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

Canning Heritage Express

Canning Heritage’s Halal Dim Sum, HK Roast & Noodles is a nod to the history and centuries-old tradition of the dim sum and chicken rice culture in Ipoh, Malaysia. The menu is an ode to the bountiful cuisines of Malaysia, reflected in Canning Heritage’s seasonal signature dishes, and a celebration of the different cultures that represent the diverse population in Malaysia.

Some signature dishes are: Chicken Rice with Roasted Chicken, Salted Egg Lava Pau, & Caviar Siew Mai

Tail & Fin

Tail & Fin is a Las Vegas-born fast-casual Japanese-fusion restaurant concept where you can combine your favorite flavours and ingredients from around the world for a tasty, healthy meal. Select from a great selection of chef-inspired menu offerings, from signature and design-your-own poke bowls, sushi rolls to salads, which are created by one of NOBU's former Executive Chefs, Mr. KARU WEDHAS. Tail & Fin serves POKE BOWLS, HOT BOWLS, SUSHI ROLLS & SUSHI SALADS that are proof that HEALTHY FOOD can also TASTE GOOD.

Some signature dishes are: The Omega, T&F Ultimate & The O.G.

Wings of The World

Born in Las Vegas and inspired by flavours from around the world, Wings of the World (WoW) cooks up wings that soar high on the flavour pedestal. Bone-in or boneless, Wings of the World make it wing-derful with their range of globally-inspired sauces; let them WoW you with eight of their signature recipes, from classic hits to exotic picks, using the freshest ingredients and tossed-in with love.

Some signature dishes are: Fried Boneless Wings, Grilled Bone-In Wings & Fried ¼ Chicken

Mikey's Original New York Pizza

Founded by Michael Helfman, a native New Yorker, in collaboration with the famous New York Pizza Chef, Andrew Bellucci, Mikey’s Original New York Pizza aims for patrons to not only enjoy authentic New York pizzas, but to also experience some of the New York heritage right here in Malaysia!  As part of the Mikey's identity, they source only the freshest produce to ensure the top quality of everything on the menu; all the ingredients are also homemade!

Some signature dishes are: Classic New York Pizza, Beef Pepperoni Pizza & BBQ Chicken Pizza

NY Burgers Co

NY Burger Co. brings the very best of Classic American-styled fast casual food to Malaysia and has been doing that for years! With their juicy homemade patties covered in their signature 'crack' sauce, then topped with cheese, lettuce and onions; this is the purest and most authentic take on the staple American food, plain and simple!

Some signature dishes are: NY Hamburger, Buffalo Fried Chicken Burger & Beef Bacon Blue Cheeseburger

Wings of New York

A virtual restaurant concept of the renowned restaurant NATHAN’S FAMOUS, WINGS OF NEW YORK offers New York style wings as well as Harlem style chicken and waffles, now brought all the way across the sea for Malaysians to enjoy. With over a dozen different wing sauces to available, ranging from Classic Buffalo to Carolina Reaper, served with an assortment of sides such as the NY Cheesesteak fries and waffles, a filling and delicious meal is sure to be had!

Our signature dishes are: Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders & Hot Chicken Buffalo Cheese Fries

Ginger Thai Express

Ginger Thai Express is the outpost of Ginger Thai Cuisine, a multi award-winning Thai restaurant and an unmistakable hotspot for authentic Thai cuisine in Kuala Lumpur. Energetic and roaring with the winning tastes of Thailand, Ginger Thai Express is a riff of Ginger’s defining menu, made with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Ginger Thai Express, home to speedy Thai grub made well. A taste of Thailand, found locally.

Some signature dishes are: Pad Thai Chicken Plate, Thai Fried Rice & Green Curry Chicken


No matter where you are in the world, the best thing to do is to slurp a bowl of instant noodles for that instant mood-booster. This desire inspired MAGGYMEE, where instant noodles are not only at the forefront of the menu, it's the canvas for flavours from around the world. MAGGYME is the hallmark of comfort, convenience food, at its best.

Some signature dishes are: Indomie Ayam Goreng, Indomie Cabe Ijo with Ayam Goreng. Maggi Pedas Giler Ayam Bakar

Union Artisan Coffee

A place of reunion. Each of the three words that make up our name represents an aspect of who we are. UNION represents our belief that great coffee and food are meant to be enjoyed with company, ARTISAN represents the skill and passion our chefs, baristas, and roasters put into making the best coffee and meal, and COFFEE need no further elaboration. Here at UNION, we strive to provide you with the freshest coffee and the tastiest meal to prepare you for the rest of your day. After all, as the saying goes: “If coffee can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem”.

Some signature items are: Latte, Mocha & Melbourne Iced Coffee

Penyet Express

Ayam Penyet, a popular East Javanese local cuisine has since then become a popular local Indonesian cuisine, expanding and making its mark across the nation providing traditional Indonesian food fused with innovative set meals. Penyet Express delivers the smashing good flavours of Indonesian cuisine. Known for their juicy fried chicken and spicy Sambal chilli, Penyet Express serves quality meals that offer a wide selection of delicious meals for everyone.

Some signature dishes are: Ayam Penyet, Ayam Bakar & Empal Penyet

Mr Fish

MR FISH brings together the warmth and authenticity of home-cooked traditional Fish & Seafood noodles with fresh and natural ingredients (alcohol free & pork free) straight from the sea. From its renowned Premium Grouper Belly to King Bonito Fillet, all of it served in a scrumptious soup base and stringy Mee Hoon, MR FISH is sure to satisfy your seafood cravings and then some! 

Some signature dishes are: Fish Paste Mee Hoon, King Bonito Fillet & Fish Paste Mee Hoon, & Dragon Tiger Grouper Fillet Bee Hoon


Creating healthy habits since 2015 and winner of multiple awards, Rawsome is well-known for its Affordable and Vegetarian/ Pescatarian-friendly Meals! Customers can build their bowl from scratch with a wide variety of dishes available to them, ranging from vegetables to rice to noodles. Rawsome; Asian Flavors Made Healthy!

Some signature dishes are: Basil Fry, Vegetarian Nasi Lemak & Rendang Bowl