Are you up for a new adventure of discovering home cooked cuisine that can trigger your taste buds with lots of spiciness? Then, you should definitely drive over to Mum’s Place to try out their delightful delicacies. The Nyonya/Malay restaurant specialises in Nyonya food with a touch of Portuguese elements. Walking into the restaurant, you will instantly feel like it’s your ‘mum’s place’ – old, rustic and stunning. The interior is filled with antique elements including wooden furniture, fancy screens, wooden statues and carvings. You will be charmed by its ambience right away, and looking at the crowd, you can sense something special about this place.


After flipping through the menu, you will realise how classic the menu is. From beef, vegetables, chicken, to rice dishes, patrons get to choose from wide selections of cuisine. First up is the Beancurd with Petola which consists of deep-fried bean curd with bobbing petola whirling in a thin sauce. It might look bland and simple, but the dish actually tastes delicious with the fresh and wobbly bean curd and petola complementing the warm and pleasant soup-like sauce. However, if you really want to challenge your taste bud, go for the Fried Cencaru Fish with Chilli Paste and Petai. The dish consists of two fishes fried to a crisp and smothered with chilli paste. The dish is so spicy and yet so addictive making you sniff throughout your meal.


As for the drinks, you can always opt for the safe selections such as iced tea, juices, or simply iced water. End your meal on a sweet note by ordering their signature Cendol with Red Beans or Pulut Tekan with Homemade Kaya. For a great and authentic Nyonya food experience, Mum’s Place is definitely the right place to be.