Mexican food is still a new thing to us and even though there are some restaurants that infused Mexican cuisine elements in their own food, Mexican food is yet to have a place in the heart of food lovers in Malaysians. Luckily, MEZCLA is here to put their food on the food map of Malaysia. Located in USJ, MEZCLA specializes in specifically street Mexican food such as burritos, tacos, and nachos. 

Mezcla allows their customers to customize their burritos to their own liking, allowing customers to have a more delicious experience with the burritos. The burritos that are worth to try here are, Philly cheese steaks, Calamari Frito, and breakfast burrito. 

Philly Cheese Steaks burrito (RM15). Thinly sliced steak grilled with, cheese, topped with salsa, hash brown and rolled together in a tortilla bread really gives a Mexican twist to this classic Philly cuisine. 

Breakfast burrito (RM18). Customers can choose their proteins on this one, whether chicken or beef. Finished it with egg, hash brown and hot sauce. This is really what a breakfast on the go looks like, no knife and fork needed, just use both hands to enjoy. 

Calamari Frito burrito (RM15). This burrito is the most delicious among the other burrito. Squid fried in tempura batter, curly fries, jalapeno mayo, and sour cream. The tempura squid and the curly fries really contribute to the crunchiness of this food. 

The tacos are good too, especially Lamb N' Feta, Shrimp N' Salsa and Fish N' Mango. Customers also can choose their tortilla whether wheat flour or corn shell. All tacos cost RM7

Lamb N' Feta (RM7)

Left: Shrimp N' Salsa (RM7) Right: Fish N' Mango (RM7)

Customers can have extra guacamole for RM3 and RM4 for a set meal that comes with bare nachos and a drink. 

Mezcla Burrito Bar is also serving nachos. There 3 nachos available, the House Nachos which is vegan-friendly, chicken nachos and beef nachos. The price for the House Nachos is RM16 while Chicken Nachos costs RM18 and Beef Nachos costs RM19.

House Nachos (RM16) topped with sour cream, fresh guacamole, Jalapeno peppers, and cheese. 

This restaurant is also accessible via LRT. Located only 600 meters from Taipan LRT station.