Any types of games especially board games have long since been the ultimate glue to bond friends, family and even amongst strangers! However, most restaurants and cafes do not provide such games or even let you play. Plus, board gaming has yet to become a norm in our society. But not at Meeples European Board Games café, it won’t! As the name states, this café houses an immense amount of board games ranging from publishers Asmodee, Queen Games, Korea Boardgames co.,Ltd., Stronghold Games and more – this café is practically a board game library.

While you have fun playing board games with your friends or family, fill your tummy with their light bites. Meeples would not let you play with an empty stomach so they have prepared a list of snacks and beverages. Do not pass on a bowl filled with nachos served along a choice of hot salsa or cheese dip. There are also French fries, potato wedges and chicken nuggets available to your gaming heart’s content.

Though there are limited snack choices, their beverage list differs. Coffee lovers will be able to choose between Americano, Latte, Flavoured Latte with a choice of Hazelnut, Mint, Toffee Nut or Crème Brulee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha as well as classic tea.

For a wee bit diff than coffee, get a hold on their milkshakes such as their signature Nutella milkshake, chocolate, vanilla as well as classic strawberry. Carlsberg, Hoegaarden and Somersby Apple Cider are available under their Booze list. Other drinks such as lemon tea, honey green tea, honey lemon, soda and mineral water are also available.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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