May 'N' Mikes Spicy Corner Petaling Jaya

Banana leaf rice. What is it that pops up in that mind of yours when someone mentions to you those three words? Is the thrill of eating a dish so rich in spices and herbs as well as fruits and vegetables? Or maybe enjoying food that is deep in South Indian culture? Or maybe the simple fact of eating off a banana leaf instead of the usual plates and bowls? Whatever it is, it has become quite a popular dish here in Malaysia.

Situated in Petaling Jaya or more specifically, along Jalan Gasing, May 'N' Mikes Spicy Corner is among those restaurant people would usually classify as simply unsophisticated. Why? Well, for one its décor is a simple old fashioned design with not over the top tables and chairs. The place is manned by friendly and helpful people who run the equally willing place. Specialising in authentic Malayalee cuisine, customers can expect a range of recipes and styles of Kerala’s best.

If that sounds like goodness to you, then they also provide catering services for those big parties out there – birthday celebration, wedding celebration, company dinner or simply an open house. While here, do give their banana leaf rice a go which is best eaten with the Kerala crab curry, perfect for all the seafood lovers out there. Also, do not miss out on their chef’s special, the Chippi Thoran (clams with coconut) and the appam and stew. Spicy mee hoon goreng and mee goreng is also available for enjoyment here which is best with the prawn fritters.  

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