Offering a remarkable take of Indian food, Masale Twist's menu is influenced mainly by the food from the Southwestern port city which is located in Mangalore, India. The mother of Masale Twist's Malaysian founder, Fay D'Cruz, who was initially from Mangalore, has now affectionately establish this eatery as their family legacy.

Located in Damansara Uptown, Masale Twist is unlike any other Indian restaurants around. They have an open bar in the restaurant which is something rare to be found in Indian restaurants here around Klang Valley. They also serve so many unique dishes, but they are best known for their ghee-cooked specialties. The “Ghee Roast Chicken (RM16)” is aromatic, full of flavors and has its very own mix of spices which complements the entire dish.

The other unique dish is the “Fries with Cheesy Minced Chicken Ghee Roast Masala (RM16.90)”. Don’t be fooled by the mouthful name, what appears to be an ordinary cheesy fries with minced meat is actually extraordinary. What makes it so? It is in the minced chicken, which was chopped into chunky pieces, and spread all over the fries before sprinkling a rich amount of cheese onto the dish.

While the Ghee Roast Chicken is a crowd favorite, don't leave the place without trying their "Mutton Curry Laksa (RM20)". This dish has it's own mixes of spices that is meant to represent the culinary traditions of Mangalore. The best thing about this meal is that the curry is rich, thick and flavorful. The mutton just melts in your mouth and it's a dish that you'd definitely want to have again! 

Another reason why we say this restaurant is different from the rest is because they take hold of different styles of food and add their own twist to it. For all you western food lovers out there, don't worry as they have something for you! We suggest you give the "Lamb Burger with Cheese (RM20.90)" a try as it is a delectable dish. This burger may look simple but the lamb patty is so juicy, tender and seasoned to perfection. The burger is topped with melted cheese and paired with their signature special sauce mix, it elevates the entire burger as a whole

You know they say "there's no better feeling in the world than indulging in a pizza!" We find that to be so true. At Masale Twist they have a few exciting options of pizza for you to choose from, and worry not, if you prefer a meatless meal, there are vegetarian pizzas available too! We tried one of their vegetarian pizza named “Margarita Pizza (RM32).” A cheese pizza with tomato base. It tasted so good and the flavor was just simply amazing! You can never go wrong with the right amount of cheese and tomato sauce which are the two key ingredients in making a sensational pizza! 

The best beers are the ones that we drink with friends. Masale Twist has an open bar concept where you can view all the different drinks they have displayed for you to choose from. We had the "Carlsberg (RM15)" and the "Asahi (RM17)". Both of these drinks have their own taste and gives a big sensation of pleasure and chill to your throat. They also have happy hours where the drink are available at a much more affordable price! 

Don't miss out on their crazy "Buffet Lunch @ RM15" and "Buffet Dinner @ RM20" and also they they also offer a "Beer Buffet @ RM110 for 10 Beers." All these buffet deals are available only from Friday to Sunday! Note that there are terms and conditions applied. Do call +60192509347 for reservations.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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