Not many knows about the existence of this gem that is located in the well-known shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid. Little did you know, this under-rated shop has been around for quite some time now. Due to its hidden location in the Marrakesh area, it is hard for people to notice this Indian themed eatery. However, for its loyal customers, this place has always been the must-go restaurant for an exquisite Indian cuisine experience. Locals and foreign visitors love coming here to enjoy the exotic range of Indian delicacies. The Indian-swept look of the casual/fine dining Mantra Indian Cuisine gives the perfect impression about what to expect from the menu. In the midst of a room covered in dark brown furniture and a touch of Indian décors, the food that comes to the table seems ready to impress.


You might not find any ‘mantra’ reading dishes on the menu, but you’ll find pretty much anything else that you can find in Northern India. This eatery has been known for delivering mouth-watering and belly-filling authentic Indian delicacies to the local residents. The possibilities are endless— including delectable and lip-smacking gastronomies such as Mantra Biriyani Set to the classic standards such as Naan Ki Tokri Bread Basket, in a wide range of palatable flavours and sauces, both spicy and mild. You could order something different at every visit and never have the same meal twice due to the extensive menu selections. Finish off your meal with a delicious glass of Mango Lassi that is freshly made using yogurt and mango pulp.


Though this place is not ideal if you are pinching your pennies, but if you are on an expense account, trying to impress a client, or simply want to pamper your grumbling belly, then this is the place.