You know that they serve pretty authentic Banana Leaf Rice here when they serve ponni rice which is traditional Indian rice. Located at Aman Suria, Lotus Curry House has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating are for its diners. For a comfortable and sweat-less meal, dine at the indoor area where air conditioner is equipped. If not, the outdoor seating area is also not a bad option as it is where the food stations are located at so that you would get a glimpse of how the food is prepared. Regardless indoor or outdoor, Lotus Curry Rice is guaranteed a hygienic, clean and comfortable environment.

Let’s take a pause from the Banana Leaf Rice and give acknowledge one of the highlights of this restaurant. Lotus Curry Rice serves one of the hard to find Indian dessert which is known as the Sweet Appam. The Indian version of a crepe which is crispy yet soft and served with coconut milk, a must try here other than the Banana Leaf Rice.

Now back to their Banana Leaf Rice, as mentioned they serve ponni rice here. Just like usual Banana Leaf Rice, they serve it with papadom , gravy and assorted vegetables plus some extra add ons of your choice. They serve quite a decent selection of 4-6 types of vegetables for you to choose from. Complement the dish with gravy of your choice but if you are looking for some recommendations then definitely go for their mutton curry which is one of their best items. Go for the rasam which has a tangy aftertaste for an alternative.

In a nutshell, Lotus Curry Rice would be a perfect place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper when you are looking to get your Indian crave fix.