Lobbee Thai Connection is nestled in the lower levels of Empire Damansara. As the name suggests, they aim to connect flavours of Thai to the discerning palates of Malaysians. The restaurant itself is pretty hard to locate, and we suggest to ask someone along the way if you really can’t find it. In this hidden gem, you’ll come across an array of contemporary Thai dishes, often with special twists from their passionate chefs. The interior is simple but comfortable, definitely a good place for friends and family to hang out and chit chat over scrumptious food. Favoured by patrons, it is often quite full during lunch and dinner time.

Do begin your meal with snacks and appetisers such as their Squid Cake, which is generously stuffed with an ample amount of chewy squid. Their Potato Salad is also delectable, with freshly cut potatoes drenched in a sweet and sour dressing, bringing about an explosion of flavours. Do not forget their Thai Crab Cakes, with a mixture of chicken and crab being stuffed inside an empty crab shell. It is then covered with eggs and deep fried. The chilli sauce that comes with it complements the dish perfectly.

Their signature dish is the Combo Tomyam Noodles that comes in three different forms: Scampi Combo (river prawns, squids, mussels and soft boiled eggs), Spiny Combo (lobster, salmon, squid, mussels and soft boiled egg) and Lobbee combo (lobster, king crab legs, salmon, squid, mussels and soft boiled eggs).

You can choose to have them with Thai koay teow, flat noodles, vermicelli noodles and Thai instant noodles. The broth is flavourful and well-infused with spices while the seafood are fresh with a taste of ocean. Other dishes include fried rice, chicken skewers and lunch set meals.

Don’t forget their beautifully presented, creative drinks including the Iced Butterfly Pea Milk and Lobbee Iced Tea.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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