Little Heritage House was incorporated in the year of 1999 in Penang by 2 ambitious brothers. In 2012, Little Heritage House added another milestone in their journey which was the birth of “Little Heritage House” Straits Chinese Kitchen. This is their one and only branch. They have 2 floors, the upstairs can accommodate 90-100pax is for event or any special function.

They provide more than 60 dishes. According to their staff, the owner of The Heritage House travelled to Melaka, Pulau Pinang and Singapore to get the ideas for this restaurant’s setup. Their main purpose was to create an atmosphere which would be ideal for Nyonya family gathering . On top of that, they want to introduce the Nyonya culture to the younger generation. Their signature dishes are otak-otak and Assam Tamarind Prawn. The most popular dishes are Assam Tamarind Prawn, Claypot Fish Head, Pie Tee, Jiew Hu Char and Meehoon Kerabu. Their designs are based on the traditional Baba and Nyonya style. All of their dishes are handmade with fresh ingredients. They provide special dishes on festivals too.