Lin Kee Puchong

Lin Kee is now permanently closed

Nestled within the hustle and bustle of Puchong district, Lin Kee restaurant accommodates to all the whims and wants of Chinese food aficionados on the prowl for food in the streets of Puchong, particularly when it comes to curry mee.

Here in Lin Kee, the food joint is rather renown for its curry noodles, where a kick of savoury spiciness meets the springy bite of noodles. Despite utilising mainly yellow noodles as the noodle base -even though other noodle variants are occasionally thrown into the fray due to customers' preference; the tell-tale sign of alkaline water is masked entirely by the fragrant aroma of coconut-milk-infused-curry. Savoury with a slight hint of sweetness -not forgetting, of course, the spiciness in which not many can handle; the dish is decadent in its own right. Couple with a few well-complemented ingredients such as braised chicken meat, long beans, taufupok as well as a dash of lime for a zesty finish, you'll be hard pressed to find another curry mee like Lin Kee's in the vicinity.

Aside from curry mee, Lin Kee's various food vendors also provide delectable alternatives that comes in the form of other good eats such as fish ball noodles, claypot silver noodles, as well as Chinese stir-fry where dozen of Chinese culinary marvels are incorporated as part of the menu. Do try some of the signature best-sellers here, particularly the steamed fish dish where freshness is a guaranteed factor. 

All in all, there seem to be something for everyone and what's best, the place is open from the wee early morning til late night, hence breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper can be well taken care of in this very same food joint.