While the coffee bandwagon scene is still very much sprouting every now and then in Klang Valley, one should not miss checking out Level One Cafe here in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. It's the best place for you, if you are a huge fan of freshly baked artisanal breads. 

Securing the first floor unit, one would instantly be awed by its spacious surrounding and splendid glass ceiling wall upon stepping in. The cleanliness is way above the average Malaysian standard, and it is also not your normal coffee shop setting. This place is entirely designed by the owners themselves. From sketching of the bar and interior designs to the paintings on the wall. Every corner of the cafe has it's own specialty. 

You can either choose to go for the long sofa seats or the long table with high wooden chairs. This place is perfect for meetings, dates and a place to unwind from a hectic day. 

We were given a variety of worldwide inspired artisinal breads, pastas, drinks and cakes to try, and among the highlights are... 

Smoked Beef Salami Sandwich (RM19)

The bread used for this dish is from a bakery located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, in short TTDI. Der Backmeister is located in TTDI and is known for selling the best and widest selection of European style breads in Kuala Lumpur. Der Backmeister sure do take their baking seriously. Insisting on using only quality ingredients with no sugar, no preservatives and no chemicals, all of their breads are made from scratch and naturally leavened with their own sourdough starter. Cooked in a stone-plated oven, the team attempt to replicate old-school cooking techniques the way it was done 300 years ago in Germany.

This is not your typical sandwich that you can find anywhere, it's filled with all sort of vegetables, the freshest meat and very crispy chips. It's a meal totally worth the mess and effort to consume it! 

The wide range of sourdough bread displayed on the counter

Next on the list will be the pastas! Who doesn't love a good plate of pasta? We were given not just one but THREE different kind of pastas to try and it was delicious! The first pasta was their best seller which is the "Aglio Olio Prawn served with Garlic Bread (RM26.90)" The spiciness and tenderness of the prawn is just perfect. The prawns used are one of the most freshest prawns we've ever tried. The owners would go to the morning market to hand-pick and buy straight from the fishmonger. The prawn is then cleaned and cooked with pure olive oil. Keep in mind that every plate of pasta that goes out is cooked individually even the pasta sauces are made upon orders, nothing is cooked in advance and kept for a long time. 

The second plate of pasta that was given to us is the "Fusilli with Grilled Chicken, Aubergine and Pumpkin (RM24.90), this was by far our favorite at this point. Every pinch of spice that was put into this dish did not come from a measuring tool, but instead the chef believes that every meal is heart felt, therefore he follows his heart and not ready made tools when it comes to measuring spices. 

Remember just a while ago we said that the dish above was our favorite? We were totally caught off guard. The next pasta dish the chef cooked for us was something none of us had ever had. It's the "Gnocchi Tuscan Prawns (RM26.90)", according to our research on Google, in Italian cooking, Gnocchi are small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce. This topped the list! The taste was out of this world. The flavors from the prawns and gnocchi complimented each other so well that we actually didn't want to not finish the whole plate. It'll leave you craving for more! 

Just like every other cafe around, Level One Cafe of course highlights their coffee to be aromatic and flavorful. On the menu there are all sorts of coffee that are freshly brewed then and there to ice blended drinks that are very suitable for a hot day. We were given 4 different beverages to try. Firstly it was the "Coconut Latte (RM14)." This interesting blend of coconut and milk coffee, savor the balanced aroma of coconut while waking your senses thanks to the coffee, something coconut-lovers can consider trying.

Next up is the "Ice Blended Mocca (RM15)", a blend of coffee and chocolate, this is the go-to-drink for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike as the flavor is perfectly balanced, providing those in need of caffeine a boost with a hint of sweetness. Also perfect under Malaysia's heat.

We then move on to it's "Hot Chocolate (RM11)". For someone who LOVES chocolate, this cup of Hot Chocolate is super delicious with the perfect texture and just the right amount of whipped cream to provide you with this creamy, hot and flavorful cup.

Lastly there's the "Iced Long Black (RM11)". Like the Ice Blended Mocca, this is amazing for a hot day, pairing ice with the flavorful coffee, be awaken by the temperature and flavor, something you can consider to beat the heat.

At Level One Cafe, their cakes and crepe cakes they sell here are sold out most of the time. Lucky for us, there was a fresh new batch that just arrived when we arrived. Again, we asked the owners to give us their best-sellers and we were presented with four very delicious cake. All these cakes have their own unique flavors and it goes very well with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. 

French Cottage Cheese Cake (RM14.90)

Midnight Chocolate Crepe (RM14.90)

Tiramisu Crepe (RM14.90)

Salted Caramel Crepe (RM14.90)

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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