Korean Fried Chicken: What a Blessing!

Korean fried chicken is known for its addictively crunchy exterior and its thick sweet-and-spicy sauce. At Laura Medina Cafe you can satisfy your cravings for Korean inspired fried chicken at a very affordable price. 

Located in Subang Bestari, Seksyen U5 Shah Alam, this place kick started its business 4 years ago. You may be wondering “why korean fried chicken when there’s so many other high end brands that sell the same thing?” According to the owner, the main reason why he decided to venture into this business is because he realized that a lot of other restaurants are too expensive and he really wants to create something that can cater to everyone without them worrying about bursting their budget. 

Featuring a “world-class menu” where their flavors and styles are inspired by the the western, korean and local culture. Due to the whole crazy pandemic that took place, sadly the restaurant was forced to close for many days and months. But we’ve got good news for you! On the 9th of July 2020 they officially re-open the restaurant and they’re back in business.

We had the opportunity to visit the restaurant and got a taste of their food. Trust us when we say it is so so….good! We were given 5 different platters to try and let’s jump straight into it! The first platter is the “Ayam Korea Platter (RM24.90)” - if you love spicy food, this is for you. Coated with a thick layer of spicy sauce, our mouth couldn’t stop watering, not just because of how delicious it tasted but also how spicy it was. 

We’re very sure that you’ve heard the song called Oppa Gangnam Style by Psy. Why are we saying this? The next platter we had is known as the “Gangnam Platter (RM24.90)”. Have you ever had salted egg Korean fried chicken? Here at Laura Medina Cafe, the presentation of their dishes are so pleasing to the eye. This salted egg dish is something every Malaysian would love. Even though it’s covered with salted egg, the saltiness level is perfect and it blends so well with the chicken and also the small pieces of the bird's eye chilli (cili padi). Once you take a bite into the chicken, the flavor slowly enhances onto your taste pallets and you’ll definitely want to have more than just one piece. 

Moving on to the next dish which is known as the “Nami Platter (RM24.90)”. This dish has quite a peculiar taste as it is both sweet and savory. Do expect a sweet garlic-y taste! It’s super flavorful and finger licking good!

The fourth dish that we tried was the “Busan Platter (RM24.90)” - this is legit everyone’s favorite. It’s the classic soy garlic fried chicken. The saltiness and sweetness in this dish is heavenly. There’s not much to say about this dish because it is a must-try! 

You know how they say “save the best for last”, legit that’s what we did. We present to you the “Jeju Platter (RM24.90)”. What is the jeju platter? It’s a very unique combination of a sweet and sour sauce that covers the chicken whole. There’s a slight tangy taste when you first bite into the chicken but it doesn’t matter cause it compliments the whole platter.

Before we forget! The WOW factor about this restaurant is their drink tower! We had the mango juice that came in a very tall 3.5 liter tower! What’s nice about the drink is, even though it’s made with cordial the sweetness is just right. This has got to be one of the yummiest mango juice we ever had! We shared the drink among 5 people and we still had overflow after such a hearty meal! Each Drink Tower cost only RM9.90! They have a few choices of drinks for you to choose from. So drink your hearts out. 

Head over to Laura Medina Cafe and satisfy your Korean fried chicken cravings! This is a place that we would surely visit again! Details of the restaurant are as below:

Address: 34, Jalan Nova K U5/K, Subang Bestari, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Contact Number: 019-9832905

Opening Hours: 5pm-11pm

Monday-Sunday (except Wednesday) 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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