“Truthfully, their cakes are alright”. So when it comes to cakes, what is it that pops up in that mind of yours? Not a cake person? Well, let us talk about cakes (not the technical stuff of course). What makes a cake worth eating? Is it the companion during a short trip to the cake store that makes it worthwhile? Or simply the looks of a nicely baked homemade cake? Or maybe even the icing does it for you? Whatever it is, cakes are not the cheapest desserts you can get – other than crème brulee.

The slice of fluffy goodness or cheesy slice of joy is best enjoyed with close friends or family members. This bakery is situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, Taman Megah, one should really plan ahead before physically venturing out to the place as traffic can become heavy during peak hours, not to mention the difficulty in looking for a parking spot. In terms of the look and feel of the eatery, it features a feeling of simplicity blended with a rustic styled décor.

Same can be said for the outside. It gives the feeling to willing customers that they are heading in to the unknown. Their bright pink and relatively large enough signboard can be quite the appeal to the average passer-by. On the inside again, there are a reasonable of tables and chairs all nicely arranged that it does not feel overly cramped when the eatery is busy. Of course, specialising in cakes, they have a wide range of them to choose from but also do give their other desserts a go as well as the shepherd’s pie.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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