Kotak Food is new brand where it focuses mainly on Indonesian Cuisine with a modern concept. Strategically located in between the ever so famous Restoran Gold Chili and the brand new Buttermilk Kitchen here in Subang Jaya, Kotak aims to bring the authentic and flavorful Indonesian food to Malaysia. One unique feature of this restaurant is that it has it own designated parking for their customers, so you wouldn't have to go rounds and rounds looking for parking.


In Kotak, it’s not about the quantity of choices on the menu that you have to choose from, but it's more of the quality of each dish! Kicking off with everyone's current favorite dish "Salted Egg Chicken", this dish needs no explanation. Butter salted egg chicken served with mild dried chili, a sunny side up egg and rice! Perfect dish for any kind of day. 

Next, we were introduced to the "Cheesy Ayam Geprek." It's a combination of crispy aromatic chicken topped with their special sambal chili and premium melted cheese. The spiciness from the sambal definitely leave a little burn on your tongue but it's overall a dish worth having! 

One of their specialties here is the "Nasi Sambal Matah", this dishing is served with warm rice, a crispy fried chicken that is then topped with Kotak's daily marinated fresh onions mixed with chili and an egg. If you love fresh onions, this is the dish for you!
All these dishes just keeps getting hotter and hotter! 🔥 The next dish is the "Nasi Sambal Pedas" from the name itself you know for sure that it is going to be spicy! This dish is prepared with Kotak's signature homemade sambal and a super aromatic piece of fried chicken and topped with an egg. 

The final dish that was served to us is a Kotak Special called "Ayam Panggang." The authentic well-cooked and super flavorful ayam panggang is served with warm rice. Do expect the chicken to taste a little bit sweet at the same time savory because of it's marination. Regardless, it still taste amazing! 

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