Kofee Breu Puncak Alam Puncak Alam

Kofee Breu started welcoming guests early 2021 but don't be fooled by it. They have a great idea of what they're doing and they're doing it well. 

One good example is this banana cake. It's one of the best banana cakes out there and honestly, finding good ones can be real hardwork.

And we're not done. You should also have a go at their pizza because the fact that they're all freshly made makes it taste better. Would you look at the char on the sides and on the cheese? We could devour those pizzas all day!

Lastly, looking at their pasta, I can say that they're made with a lot of things in consideration. We love that it's not swimming in oil but it's not dry either. The choice of seafood is great, coupled with their freshness. You'll be able to enjoy the freshness of the seafood with the light seasoning, which we agree is the way to go.