Located inside Empire Hotel Subang of Subang Jaya, Kitchen Art Brassiere houses a trail of gastronomical proportions like no other. Elegantly furnished and airing a rather pleasant vibe for an exquisite dining experience, this particular restaurant's modus operandi is buffet-styled cuisines. For a rather affordable rate, too. 

In essence, the restaurant enlists a myriad of food fare that stems from Eastern to Western origins in its arsenal of good eats. From English breakfast fare, chops and steaks to Middle Eastern-cum-Asian dishes such as nasi briyani, fried noodles, satay even cendol -just to name a few; the restaurant stays true to its name as patrons can get creative, piling an assortment of complimentary -or contrasting; flavours all on the very same plate. Art, so to speak, by culinary standard. And speaking about flavours, the overall taste of the food remained uncompromised despite having so many dishes up and about, fresh from the kitchen.

And while Kitchen Art Brassiere is largely revolving around buffet-style cuisines, their extensive buffet spread allows for an additional feature in which the establishment can work with, ensuring customers get more out of the dining experience, a win-win situation and that comes in the form of steamboat. Here in Kitchen Art Brasserie, patrons can opt for a vast selection of ingredients to cook in two broths of distinct flavours -namely clear broth as well as Tom Yam broth. Ingredient range spans from farm meat to briny seafood to fresh vegetables, so patrons are pretty much spoiled for choices.

After a hearty but scrumptious meal, patrons can also opt for free flow desserts as well as beverages to wash down all they have eaten.

Operating Hour

Saturday, Sunday
Every day

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