Kedai Kopi Min Ren (名人) Puchong

Of the many Chinese hawker stalls around, you may sometimes have trouble finding the good ones. If you’re wandering around the vicinity of Puchong, Kedai Kopi Ming Ren is placed on the busy street of Puchong Town Centre. This old style coffee shop is located right at the corner occupying 2-3 shop lots combined making the restaurant quite large. There’s also three signboards, the middle being the largest and the other two on each side so you’ll be sure not to miss it.


The coffee shop is a hawker style centre thus its opened space. During the afternoon it may get hot and humid inside. But rest assured that there’ll be fans placed around so hunt for a table that’s placed under the fan so it’ll be slightly cooler. The hawker stalls are all placed right in front forming a stretch from all its corners. Reason being is for the convenience of customers the hawker vendors themselves to receive the orders.


You are absolutely spoiled with an array of good local food. Some of the selected few are Assam laksa, prawn noodles, economy rice, mee rebus and nasi lemak. There’s also a selection of vegetarian noodles from one of the stall and it's said to be quite a catch for its vegetarian noodles. Even if you’re meat lover but are thinking to switch things up a bit, this stalls features quite a number of options that’s great in flavour.


With its wide selection of choices in Min Ren’s coffee shop, you’ll be sure to find a meal that’ll suit your taste. In a nut shell, even with whatever you’ve ordered, its definitely one of the better places around.