If you are familiar with Food Foundry, you should know that there is also one small kopitiam located in the same neighbourhood and it is actually quite famous among the locals. The place is usually crowded during lunch and it is famous for its Muar Rojak, Char Siew (BBQ Pork), and Chicken Rice. If you want to enjoy lunch here, be sure to arrive early because some patrons say that the queue can be as long as two shop lot. Inside the restaurant, you can see a simple chicken rice stall that can attract every pork lover for its delightful BBQ Pork. Besides that, Char Siew is also another attraction of this kopitiam. It comes in a large plate and taste wonderful – crispy burn end and soft juicy meat that is well marinated with special sauce, that will leave you wanting for more.


Sour and Spicy Soup is also quite a charmer. Some said that Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hong Seng’s version of this dish win a lot of places. The amount of sourness is just right and it is boiled with a lot of ingredients to give the soup the right flavours. However, the bowl is lack a bit of spiciness which can disappoint spicy food fans out there. Here, you can also find a hawker selling delicious pig innards. With its chewy texture, and delicious flavour from the soy sauce, this dish is a must-try. Having lunch here won’t put a hole in your pocket, you will get big portions of dishes at a reasonable price. Just be sure to come early to avoid heavy crowd!

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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