Indian cuisines. Rich in many ingredients, which includes herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables. This gives Indian cuisine a unique and special taste – similar to other native cuisines, each has its own authentic flavour. However, in terms of their cuisine, Indian food has a wide variety of styles depending on where it is from. For instance, potatoes are a staple food in some regions in India but no matter what it is, nothing beats rice the ultimate staple food.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, Seksyen 17, Kanna Curry House is what many would call a small step above the rest. So, why “a small step”? Well, this restaurant is not a very typical old fashioned design eatery nor a top notch premium restaurant, rather, it is somewhere in between. Recent and unsophisticated is what it is. The service here is also not the worse in the business. Super friendly, polite and quick staff man the equally willing place. You would expect it as the place is usually booming with people from all walks of life. Do however, avoid the peak times, if you are not a person who likes to dine in a very crowded restaurant, as the place does indeed get quite busy.

Specialising in banana leaf rice, it is however not as you expect it to be. Instead of using actual banana leafs, they use synthetic banana leaf due to the shortage of good quality banana leafs. Do rest assured though, as it is biodegradable and SIRIM approved fro being more hygienic than the real thing. If you love fried stuff, then do try their fried chicken, fish, squid and crabs. Also their chicken rendang should not be missed out, which is best with the roti canai.