Whenever you are in Subang and want to have some homely food, Kafe Bawang Merah serves just the right combination of Indo/ Malay cuisine for you. The place is created to make patrons feel comfortable in dining with traditional wooden furniture to feel a little bit more 'kampung-like'. Remember how we are so used to having more than 3 meals a day? Because Malaysians are so lucky to have food everywhere, this humble store is no exception. They provide local delicacies that are suitable for meals every day, including high-tea.

This place attracts the most customers during tea time as the type of dishes that they serve is somewhat enough to satisfy your itchy gums but still allows you to have a more proper meal after. Looking at their extensive choices in the menu, you have the choice of the basic Malay 'kampung' dishes which is served in a way where you get to choose it in economy style. This is where you will get your amazing 'nasi campur' but not very much of a 'nasi kandar'. You will receive a fair share of meat, vegetables as well as their generous offering of gravy that does not 'flood' your plate.

If you are looking for the noodles section, you will get a bowl filled with delectable soup and topped with generous amounts of fresh ingredients like meat strips, spring onions and fried shallots to make it fragrant. Bawang Merah offers a different noodle dish daily therefore you are able to enjoy different favourites.

Moving on to their dessert section, this place has the best homemade 'kuih' that you will never find anywhere else. They have the patrons' favourite like keria, which looks like a doughnut but with sweet potato filling. Other kuih includes 'kuih lopes(triangle-shaped sticky rice with pandan), cokodok pisang (fried banana balls) and etcetera. All are perfectly accompanied by a cup of 'teh tarik'.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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