Hui Lau Shan is nestled amidst the busy One Utama shopping centre. They are a franchise that hailed from Hong Kong, and are famous for serving healthy desert with 100% real fruits and no sugar no preservation. Hui Lau Shan comprises a stall lot of considerable size with quite a number of tables and chairs laid out beside the counter. It is indeed the perfect place for tired shoppers to rest their legs and grab a cold, fruity dessert.

Upon entering, you will be greeted with the fragrant aroma of mango as it is their main speciality. Speaking of which, you should definitely sample their mango chewy ball which comes with real pieces of mango drenched in an abundance of mango juice. The mango pieces are 100% authentic and not too sweet while the mango juice is thick and cooling. The chewy balls are quite similar to the Chinese traditional food, Tang Yuan. Springy and not floury at all, it is definitely the star of the dish. If you are up for something even more cooling, do give their Mini Mango Coconut a try, which consists of mango ice cream with slices of coconut and mango at the side. The ice cream is smooth and creamy while the fruit slices are as fresh as ever.

Apart from mango-related ones, they also have other varieties of dessert such as red-bean, taro and Tong Sui, which comes in either hot or cold. They often put interesting twists on the traditional Chinese dessert. For example, the Luscious Ruby has lotus seed and longan in red bean soup while the Local Fusion has sweet potato, yam, taro, tapioca balls and sago in coconut milk.