Heritage Village @ Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya

Back in 2014, Heritage Village snag the award for The Star People’s Food Awards for the Best Nasi Lemak category. The history of their Nasi Lemak began many years ago when the owner’s mother start selling her cooking at the Kelana Jaya LRT station. Hailing from Penang, the Nasi Lemak became a big hit because of its fluffy steamed rice and flavourful condiments. The owner then decided to set a proper full-fledge restaurant so that fans could come and enjoy the food in a dining setting.

One of the reasons for the restaurant success is the traditional method to steam the rice with fresh coconut milk with herbs and spices added at different intervals, a cooking process established back in the 70s. The rice managed to remain fluffy because of the age-old cooking process or steaming the rice twice. Clearly good food is not easy to come by. Hailing from Penang, the owner decided to focus on presenting the best of Penang Nyonya Heritage, in a classy and classic manner that is the Heritage Village. Due to that the Nasi Lemak came in 12 to 15 variants at the restaurant; from the usual Beef or Chicken Rendang to Sambal Sotong and Sambal Udang, Inche Kabin (Nyonya Fried Chicken) and Penang Assam Prawns, one could relive the glory days of the past with its authentic taste. Some people prefer to enjoy their Nasi Lemak in the jumbo way, with varieties of condiments and more than one main side dish. Well, that’s what Heritage Village’s King Combo is for. The serving consists of the rice, a quarter-sized Chicken Rendang, Sambal Sotong, Acar Awak and Keropok Ikan plus the usual sambal, anchovies, peanuts and cucumbers combo. Walk down memory lane with everything Heritage Village has to offer.