Grand Neelas Banana Leaf Restaurant is known to be one of the best banana leaf restaurant around Puchong by its locals. It specializes in Banana Leaf rice and other mouth-watering dishes and curries, but it is most famous for it's turkey masala and deep fried bitter-gourd


As you see in every other banana leaf restaurant, of course you'll be getting a big single piece of banana leaf topped with rice, vegetables, spiced rassam and papadom. Best thing about Grand Neelas Banana Leaf Restaurant is that their Briyani Rice Set starts from a very low and reasonable price of RM8.90. They have two choices for you to choose from: Vegetarian Briyani or a Mint Rice Set. And fret not, both the set comes along with 3 assorted vegetables, papadom, rassam and their special friend bitter-gourd.



One of their best Briyani rice set is the Hyderabad Briyani Chicken (RM15). It's comes with a very tender and juicy chicken thigh cooked together with the rice, so the flavors are on point. Once you've taken a bite into the chicken you will realize that the meat is so soft and goes perfectly well with the rice and vegetables.


And if you want to spice up your meal, you can choose to add different types of curry to you meal. Their best seller is the Turkey Masala (RM20). The turkey is cooked to perfection, imparting with deep flavors and super moist texture on the meat. Have this along with the mint briyani rice for a deeply satisfying meal. 


You can also choose their Famous Mutton Bone Marrow Curry (RM20), this dish is a must try. It's unlike any other mutton curry you'll ever try. The meat just comes right off the bone and has a buttery texture that just melts on your tongue. The best part is the bone marrow, it will leave you bone sucking!


Other dishes also include a range of seafood for you to choose from. Like the Kerala Crab Rendang (RM20-25), the price is usually based on the size of the crab. You would normally hear of Crab Curry or Deep fried Crab, but imagine Crab Rendang together with your Briyani Rice. The crab is cooked long enough that the meat is smooth and has absorbed all the spices and flavor from the curry. Once you indulge into it, you would not want to stop.


Another seafood dish is the Sotong (Squid) sambal (RM9-RM15), the price is set based on how much you take. So the more you take, the higher the price is. Just like any other sotong sambal, the secret is in the sambal itself. This one from Grand Neelas Banana Leaf Restaurant is super fragrant and seasoned to perfection. You'll be surprised at how soft and easy it is to chew on it. Unlike other sotong sambal you've tasted where the meat is chewy and tough. 


Moving on to a much more familiar dish, the Fish Cutlet (RM5), legit the size of this cutlet is as big as ones palm. Very crispy on the outside, spicy and juicy on the inside. Fish cutlets are best made spicy, slightly tangy and enjoyed right away when it's hot. 


We bet by now you'd be asking what is there for you to quench your thirst? Don't worry, they have a full page in the menu filled with variety of drinks for you to choose from both hot and cold.

Lassi is a great soothing drink during the hot weather. At Grand Neelas Banana Leaf Restaurant, if you've never had a savory lassi before this is the place you should start with. You should totally give the Cucumber Lassi (RM6.50) a try. It sounds rather weird, but after such a hearty meal, this drink will make you feel hydrated and if you didn't know the addition of cucumber in the Lassi, helps to cool down the palate after a spicy meal.


When it comes to sweet lassis, the most popular one is the Mango Lassi (RM6.00)A thick, smooth and refreshing lassi bursting with strong mango flavor is a drink that can never go wrong. 


If you're someone who prefers a hot drink, try their Masala Tea (RM4.50), it is a drink that's filled to the brim with Indian spices and herbs. This drink is very heart-warming and very delicious. 


Get ready to have your hands dirty when you indulge into their briyani rice and their many dishes! It will surely have you licking your fingers at the end of the meal. 

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