Once a cafe connected to a cycling lifestyle shop in 2012, Grafa has now expanded to become a full-fledged restaurant in its own right since 2013. Specialising in local cuisine, as well as Western cuisine with an Asian twist, Grafa has long been a regular hangout spot for cycling enthusiasts and college students in the area, and a big contributor to this is the food.

Adhering to hipster demands these days, the interior of the cafe is nothing short of Instagram-worthy decorations. Also, the tables and chairs are pretty comfortable.

Speaking of which, Grafa offers a wide selection for those with a big appetite. As far as the Asian and local dishes are concerned, diners can order items like the special indo mee, fried tom yam mee hoon, fried kuey teow, and much more. There are also soups that fit this category such as tom yam and soon soup to name a few.
For the Western dishes, diners can expect favourites such as chicken Parmesan, chicken Kiev, BBQ chicken wings, lamb chops, and BBQ beef ribs to name a few. The pastas served at Grafa’s are the most obvious instance of the Asian twist in the food, as seen by the fact that cili padi can be found in most of their plates of pasta.

Another important thing to note about Grafa is their selection of drinks, which include juices, coffees, teas, smoothies, sodas, and much more. However, a favourite amongst most customers is the Ribena Longan.

So if you’re looking for a sizeable and hearty meal at an affordable price, give Grafa a try. The portion sizes come in handy for big eaters or large groups of diners.

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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