Located in the same row as Red Island cafe in SS2 is Geylang Lor 9. Geylang Lor 9 is a well known chain of restaurants originating from Singapore. The growth of the restaurant has reached to a point where the restaurant now has outlets in places like China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and of course the aforementioned outlet at SS2. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate interior with an open kitchen where you could view your pots of their world famous frog porridge being prepared.

As far as their frog legs porridge goes, the frog legs themselves are prepared in a number of ways. These include clay pot dry chilli, steamed in porridge and spring onion. These servings of frog legs are full of flavour, and go well with the blander serving of porridge to create a well balanced meal.

For those who aren’t as adventurous to try the frog legs porridge, there are a few other items that can be chosen at Geylang Lor 9 to help ease the dining experience. These are usually sides to go along with your bowl of porridge such as lemon chicken, fried Hong Kong cabbage, Thai style chicken, Thai style tofu, and much more. Also, like most Chinese restaurants, customers can expect to find drinks like herbal teas to help wash down the rich meal.

In short, Geylang Lor 9 is the rare few places that you can get your frog leg fix. With a brand name that has its reach in a number of countries, it would be hard to go wrong with this restaurant and its quality.