"Gerai. The Food Loft" is a chain restaurant that serves casual Malaysian and Chinese cuisine (commonly reffered to as "gerai" food). Besides the branch located in Bandar Utama, there is also a branch in Setia Alam. The group is growing with time, as shown by the fact that they have introduced "The Makan Union" into the mix; a concept restaurant located the Ikano Power Centre (IPC).

Some of the dishes that are served here include rich dishes like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kampung Fried Rice, as well as noodle dishes such as Laksa and Prawn Mee. One thing to note about "Gerai. The Food Loft" is the portion sizes, which are quite large and will leave you satisfied if you are a big eater. There are also spice level indicators on the menu to help decide a dish that you will be comfortable eating.

There are a variety of side dishes that can be ordered to accompany the hearty meal. These can range from being deep fried, to being very light and fresh. Among these sides include fried mushrooms, fried fish paste, dumpling soup, and bean sprouts in a light sauce. This variety can also be found in the selection of drinks available. You can choose from the local classics like bandung syrup sago ice, cincau and barley, to choosing more familiar items like like soya bean milk and soft drinks.

So if you are looking for the local classics to be done well, in bigger quantities, look no further than "Gerai. The Food Loft". The restaurant on the local flavours in these dishes, and then some.