Don’t expect a 5-star restaurant ambience or even a cozy café concept, Garden Western Grill is all about being local. You would’ve never expect a place like Garden Western Grill which looks like a Mamak Restaurant from its interior and simple furnishing of plastic tables and chairs to serve good Western Food. With a limited menu of only 5 dishes, Garden Western Grill makes up with its American portion of food served to their customers. The prices of the food here are also quoted with a very affordable price, it’s not high quality fine dining cuisine, but the taste of their food definitely makes them a hidden gem.

Rather than T-bone or Sirloin steaks cooked to the wellness of your preference, steaks served here in Garden Western Grill are surely cooked and served fast for starters. Living up to its name, the one minute steak is flambé and cooked in one quick minute. Do expect crisps on the surface but tender and juicy beef meats on the inside.

Garden Western grill is also known for their Fish and Chips that comes with a gigantic portion and complemented with fries and homemade tartar sauce. Don’t be surprise if you don’t see the usual pieces of golden fried fish as the fish and chips here are served in stripped-sized crisps that looks a little like tempura prawns. For an alternative option, go for their Grilled Lamb Chop which have received many positive comments and is the reason for customers to re-visit.

All in all, Garden Western Grill is not one of the places to go for if you are looking for fine dining ambience and medium rare Sirloin Steak but you might be surprised with the taste of the food that this hidden gem could serve you. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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