G. by Forest Bean Shah Alam

Established by a group of friends whose dream was to open a neighborhood cafe, g. by forest materialised, offering great fare, quality ingredients, and masterful cooking

Situated in Kota Kemuning, they serve a variety of Japanese influenced reflected through imaginative creations such as the Udon Asam Laksa.  

Starting with Crabmeat Pasta, served with a generous amount of real crab meat and topped with ebiko, every mouth full packs the taste of the sea. Next, the Tori served in a cast-iron skillet featuring grilled chicken teriyaki beautifully placed on a bed of garlic fried rice, onsen tamago, scallions, nori and lotus root — an exquisite taste of home. The Sanuki Udon a representation of East-meets-West, showcasing the matrimony of Japanese udon and Italian Aglio olio preparation, garnished with dried chilli and seaweed. and not to miss is the Salmon Steak using an inherently delicious slab of salmon steak marinated in herbs, grilled and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Here's the twist, It’s served with homemade kimchi and mashed carrots. 

This fusion of asam laksa and udon is just a perfect mix of Japanese and local flavours. The smooth texture of udon complements the flavour of the asam laksa broth.

A lot of people love salmon and g. by Forest Bean made such a simple dish with tongue-licking flavours. Crispy skin and tender on the inside, this dish is so affordable that it shouldn't be missed. 

Another dish to consider is their crabmeat pasta. Similar to other dishes, it uses only fresh and premium ingredients to serve you. 

Complete your meal with a wide selection of alcohol and non-alcohol cakes, Rum and Raisin is a fan favorite who likes a kick after each bite. If you want something classic, there is the classic tiramisu kahlua.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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