Nestled inside a buzzing and loud food court is one of Puchong’s hidden gem – Penang Pork Noodles. They are available in two sizes – small and large. This stall serves pork noodles in wet and dry form. Packed with a generous portion of pork, these extremely slurp-a-ble noodles are best eaten with their thick and flavourful soup.

No more long drives all the way to Penang when you can have some of their delicacies right here in Puchong! Restaurant Puchong Fatt Kee is a spacious food court with a wide range of stalls selling different types of food and their Penang Pork Noodles grabs the main spotlight!

This stall serves their signature pork noodles in two forms: Soup and dry! The price differs in the serving portions and the type of noodles you pick – a small bowl is priced at RM6.50-7.00 and a big bowl is priced at RM7.50-8.00. Fairly decent for the amount of pork they serve in a hearty bowl!

This restaurant may look like your ordinary busy food court, however the food here is anything but ordinary. Especially when it comes to their Pork Noodles that will bring you straight into the heart of Penang with their flavourful soup and smooth noodles, at such an affordable price! What are you waiting for? Head on over to Restoran Fatt Kee to try our their Penang Pork Noodles NOW!

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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