Where are the Subang Jaya people at? If you’re from around the area you’ve surely heard of Fat Joe’s Shack. Known as a “gerai tepi jalan” to many, Fat Joe’s Shack has been blessing our taste buds and tummies with super delicious soft shell crab dishes. 

We all know the only place we can usually get good tasting soft shell crabs are in those fancy high Japanese restaurants or some high-end seafood restaurants. But guess what? At Fat Joe’s Shack you can get a full meal with soft shell crab for less than RM20! Yes you heard us! LESS THAN RM20! The crabs are seasoned and fried upon order so we guarantee 100% freshness. 

They’ve got a variety of food for you to choose from - Nasi Lemak, Buttermilk rice, cheesy fries, nachos and also wraps. This place is like a dream come true. We started off with the Mozzarella Soft Shell Crab (RM18 - 125GM / RM20 - 150GM). It’s a deep fried soft shell crab and topped with a generous amount of cheese. The crab is laid on a mountain of cheesy fries with some papadoms and fish balls on the sides.

For RM16.50 you can grab the crab in bread which is the Tortilla Wraps Soft Shell Crab. It’s served with a side of super cheesy fries and also salted egg sauce. Get ready to have your hands and face all dirty because this is one messy dish but very flavorful and appetizing.

Next we had the Nasi Lemak Pandan Soft Shell Crab (RM18 - 125GM / RM20 - 150GM). The nasi lemak was served with Salted Egg Sauce which is not something you get quite often. The flavors blended so well and even if you’re not hungry once you have a look at this dish you can’t help but to want to indulge and try it out! What we’ve learned over the years is that you know it’s a good plate of nasi lemak when the sambal tastes so good eaten by itself. And this dish is 110%.

If you didn’t know, buttermilk dishes have been taking over most of the menus in restaurants and cafes. Why not pamper yourself with a plate of Buttermilk Soft Shell Crab (RM16 - 125GM / RM18 - 150GM) and also the Buttermilk XXL King Squid (RM20). The creaminess of the buttermilk sauce, the little kick of spiciness from the cili padi and the aromatic smell of the curry leaves is simply so flavoursome. The batter used to fry the soft shell crab and the squid compliments the sauce really well. Also, they are currently having a promotion where you can get a plate of Buttermilk Chicken for only RM10! The promotion is on going until 31st August!

As mentioned earlier, they have a nachos and fries menu too! This menu is perfect for kids and also adults who’d just want to have some light snacks while hanging out with friends. One very unique thing about them is their food combination just like the Sambal Bacon with Cheesy Nachos (RM13). This is another dish that will definitely make your hands dirty as well as you’d be licking your fingers because the cheese sauce is the most scrumptious thing you’ll ever taste. The slight spicy kick from the sambal adds a whole new flavor in your mouth. Your tongue will be having a party from all the different flavors.

For now since the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) is still ongoing, You’d be able to order Fat Joe’s Shack via home delivery by heading over to http://fatjoesshack.orderla.my/ to place your order or Whatsapp them at +6016-2181081. Their lunch time delivery will be from 12PM-3PM and please do make the order a day before. Whereas for dinner, if you’d like delivery on the same day you’ll have to send in your orders before 4pm or else your order will be brought forward to the next day. (All pre-orders closes at 12AM)

In conjunction with the Maybank Sama2 Lokal - delivery will be free places within the 10km radius!

For more information, follow their social media at facebook.com/fatjoesshack and Instagram.com/fatjoesshack! 

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