Famous Claypot Chicken Rice Subang Jaya

The beauty of being in Malaysia is there are multifarious meals to pick, and to keep the day going, rice seems to the front runner. From Nasi Kandar to Nasi Goreng, there are plenty yet for something that justifies the tagline, served piping hot should be Claypot Chicken Rice.

People of Subang Jaya have no worries when it comes to rainy days, there is a humble yet bustling stall nestled in a food court churning out an impeccable bowl of meaty and soy marriage. The stall itself is easy to be identified, a huge sea-blue signboard above lickety–split men who are juggling around with hot claypots and hearty ingredients. During lunch hours, you’ve got to hold your patience as it’s raining orders yet patience is a virtue.

Rice is first loaded into the pot, followed by lashings of rich soy sauce, salted fish and chunks of chickens. After being shrouded by sizzling fire, a handful of spring onions is tossed and stirred to ensure the rice doesn’t stick. Moreover, you can opt for an egg to be cracked onto the mound of rice and meat mix, which gives it a gooey texture. Once it’s placed before your eyes, admire the glistening colours while your nostrils enjoy whiffs of aromatic flavours. The fluffy grains of rice are elegantly coated with dark soy sauce and the chicken bits are juicy and tender. A little blow and gobble down the delish bowl straightway, accompanied by chopped chili padi and soy sauce. After pampering your palate, hop back to work and linger for the next afternoon to come sooner.