EspressoLab has been around for a few years, and in those years have managed to multiply across populated areas in Klang Valley, and it has been steadily receiving positive response from the public. Joining in the wagon of popularising coffee and cake pairing, it may be yet another coffee place, but it is setting itself apart through the flavourful creation of its cakes and the quality of its coffee, and really, would there ever be too many coffee shops?

Treat yourself to the multitude of flavours available; from the world grade coffee to its artisan cakes, with the occasional fulfilling meal, EspressoLab is the place to hang out by yourself or in good company. Their selection of coffee comes in the usual variety such as Cappuccino, Café Latte, Long Black, and Flat White, and also in the not-so-common Melbourne or Sparkling Iced Coffee, Affogato and Piccolo Latte. Being a shop that’s named espresso, of course the star here is the strong coffee base. With options of the usual Espresso, Espresso Soda, Espresso Roma, or even Caramel Frapresso Blended or the Caramel Espresso Milkshake, it is truly a place to satisfy your caffeine cravings. The cakes are made fresh with flavours depending on the day, but choices like the Tiramisu, Oreo Crepe Cake, and Nutella Mille Crepe, it gets the crowd going and returning. Some might feel more than just cakes to fill their stomachs but not to worry; EspressoLab also offers spaghettis, stews, sandwiches, and salads. What makes EspressoLab the place to be is not just its quality coffee and cakes, but also the ambience and a location within the bustle of ever energised youths, it is perfect for any events or for those late night sessions.

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