Any durian fans out here? In case you are living under a rock or something, you should probably know by now that you can actually fulfil your cravings for durian at a durian buffet. The concept is simple, you pay a certain amount of money and you can eat how many durians as you can. One of the famous durian buffets in Malaysia, is the Durian Buffet SS2. The owner of the stall, Cheah Kim Wai started his business in 2000 in order to assist a relative with a plantation in Pahang and was struggling to make a profit. Durian Buffet SS2 serves in buffet style only during the season of durian, regular days will serve according to kilograms.

 Now, this stall has its own concrete platform that is covered completely with canopies that will make you feel like you are entering a building with good aeration. This joint has a never ending flows of regulars, so they have prepared a roomy space for its customers.

Here, you can find various types of high-quality durians grown in Pahang such as Hor Lor, Jantung, Raja Kunyit, Udang Merah, and Emas. Besides that, you can also try their very famous Durian Gelato. This premium durian gelato is made from pure D24 flesh with no preservatives. They apparently experimented 50 times before getting the right recipe. They replace the gelatos every two days to maintain its freshness.

We know very well that Malaysians feel very strongly about their durians. From durian mooncakes to durian coffee, they always find a way to infuse durian into every dish. Despite the creativity, Malaysians still like to go back to basics and savour the King of Fruits with its creamy and fresh flesh. So, Durian Buffet SS2 is the perfect place to indulge good quality durians with delightful flavour.

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