Cruising around the streets of Kota Damansara, this colourful structure will catch your eye and you will be tempted to enter the wonderland of cake goodness. Some may figure the interior might be slightly too much with the pixie lights and chalkboard drawings in the background but to Dreamz Bakery & Café, it is just one of their amazing features that keep imagination alive.

As dreamy as the interior allows you to be, their selection of cakes are just as delightful as the people who baked them. Quite known for their beautifully designed ones like their checkered cake depending on which flavour they decide to come up with: Matcha Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla and etcetera, you can be sure you will not be disappointed with the rest of the desserts they are offering.

The chocolate lava cake is one not to be missed as well as the exterior is crusty but yet weak enough to break through and hot molten chocolate will find its way to the plate.They have the mille crepes that are of different tastes and very skillfully made for the texture to be very compact but still able to melt in your mouth. And then there is the packet of 6 pre-packed radiant macarons that await your taste-test. They are all evenly sized and make pretty adorable treats.

Besides desserts, if you are there for a full-fetched meal, they have big-sized burgers as well as rice dishes like the Japanese Curry Chicken. It is good to make it somewhat a shared meal so you are able to consume more desserts but if you believe the saying ‘there is always room for dessert’, go ahead and take a big bite! Plus, high tea or any meal will definitely be incomplete without their cream puffs and a cup of coffee.

All in all, this place is a heaven for cake lovers and sugar junkies out there, yet if you're not, you won't be left alone. 

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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