When the time to chill and relax comes even in the wee hours, you would usually opt to go to a mamak restaurant since it is the only place that opens for 24 hours. Well, maybe it is time to go to Donutes Coffee & Bakery SS15. Donutes is a leading bakery-cum-café chain in Taiwan and has made its way to SS15, Subang Jaya as well as other areas in the Klang Valley. The branch in SS15 Subang Jaya recently opened its doors to customers on March 2015 and has ever since become a go-to place for majority of students as well as other Subang Jaya residents. Unlike other bakeries, Donutes Coffee & Bakery aims to be a lifestyle bakery cafe serving delicious baked goods with their very own defined recipe. One of the main uniqueness of this café is they serve customers for 24 hours every day. The interior of the café is also another unique factor as you would not expect a 24 hour place to have such a simple yet relaxing and comfortable interior.

When they said to be a lifestyle bakery café serving baked goods with their own defined recipe, they do not take the claim lightly. While the whole café smells like soothing coffee, there is a wide arrangement of a variety of baked goods on the counter as well as in the chiller. There is a massive choice of baked pastries such as croissants, garlic bread, sandwiches and of course donuts. Meanwhile in the chiller, there is also an array of cake selections you would have a hard time to choose from. Pre-packaged pastry, cakes and sandwiches are also available to your convenience! Other than baked goods and cakes, they also offer coffee in paper cups and you can choose which size you desire.

Another unique factor with the café is the whole cakes that are on sale. Unlike any other cakes, the cakes at Donutes Coffee & Bakery are unique in their design. There are cartoon designs like Hello Kitty, Angry Birds and others.