Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ KD Petaling Jaya

For Korean food lovers, we are sure the common restaurant to go to is the Daorae Korean BBQ. It has successfully established itself as quite the famous Korean for its renowned mouth-watering Kimchi or maybe the Bibim-bab and the Dalgakbi for those who are in the mood for spice.

With this branch located on the third floor above Khalifah Bistro in Kota Damansara, many have made it their constant place of visit. Serving only the best Korean food in town, they have a huge menu ranging from set menus to their on-the-spot barbecue choices. Patrons can choose between having a main course for their own or share amongst the group of people that they come with, which is definitely more entertaining and fun.

Their meat is served in cutlets depending on which meat you choose. They are more known to have delicious BBQ pork belly marinated in Korean Traditional Chili Paste. When that goes onto the grilling pit, the whole aroma will be glued to you until you head home to shower.

Going to Daorae, one must not miss the Dalgakbi. It is considered one of the best ones in town due to the generous amount of diced chicken in gochujang based sauce together with a number of ingredients like sliced cabbage, scallions, onions and sliced cabbage. Usually the waiters will help in the stir-frying until it is nicely mixed and all you have to do is not to hold yourself back and just consume all of it. This is a spicy dish but it is possible to reduce the spiciness.

For more experienced food lovers, they will definitely make space for Kimchi dishes the Bibim-bab.