South Indian cuisine inevitable never fails to be loved by many at all 4 corners of the world and what more is its banana leaf rice to be known as a world star class. According to the banana-leaf world map, there are many banana leaf rice restaurants around the globe and among them sits one famous joint called Curry Leaf Restaurant in Petaling Jaya.

Some would say this place is one of the pioneers of banana leaf restaurants in Malaysia as it first opens its door back in the 1980’s in Seremban. After years of a successful venture, the restaurant has expanded its vicinity to Petaling Jaya with a much higher demand among its communities and definitely an accurate reflection of the place until today. Interiorly, the polished wooden flooring, colourful and edgy decorations and pleasant arrangement of tables and chairs exude cosy vibes.

This banana leaf restaurant bears its famous name and has stood the test of time for years which explains as to why the place is always crowded with people and getting a seat during lunch hour is next to impossible! Okay a little exaggeration but jokes aside, getting a seat there during peak hours might cost you a little sweat considering that office folks nearby will always opt for this place during their break.

In other words, who can blame them, seeing that this traditional South Indian cuisine is delicious especially if it is made by Curry Leaf Restaurant. With all the standard sides accompanying the plopped rice on top of the banana leaf that you will usually get, this place adds a little twist to it with tofu sambal, cabbage, crispy onion slivers, eggplant and potato instead.

If you're not in the mood for rice, another main attraction here is the fluffy naans and tandoori platter, comprising a mixture of tandoori goodness. To wash it down, aside from the regular hot beverages like teh tarik and coffee, the juices are widely admired too. 

Priding with an array of spice-infused dishes on the menu with good atmosphere and pleasant service, this is the sure place to go to for a really good banana leaf experience.