They say curiosity leads us to new paths and I can’t help but to agree when it led us down to this pleasant restaurant and bar called Curious Kitchen. This restaurant is located at the second floor of Tropicana Avenue and you are in for their specialized grill and their signature Iberico pork!

Curious Kitchen is perfect for events with their indoor and outdoor dining area, especially their indoor one as it consists of two floors and a huge projector which is ideal for special occasions. Moving on to the outdoor dining area, it is very cooling and windy due to the restaurant being on the second floor. Furthermore, Curious Kitchen also has their own bar which is located just beside the outdoor dining area, this offers patrons to drop by after a meal to chill with friends.

Curious Kitchen was very generous and had prepared 10 dishes for us:

  • Pumpkin Soup (RM18)
  • Smoked Duck Jackfruit Salad (RM32)
  • Surume Ika (RM55), Iberico Top loin (RM95)
  • Iberico ribs (RM110)
  • Lamb chop (RM110)
  • Barramundi (RM60)
  • Wagyu Beef Bone Marrow (RM60)
  • Chili Crab Fries (RM25)
  • Chocolate Mousse (RM16)

Their bar also offers beers and their signature house wines - Tempus Two Silver Series Merlot 2016 (RM26) and Tempus Two Silver Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (RM26). Sounds like a feast doesn’t it? It is!

A feast can’t be called a feast without meat and Curious Kitchen is here to serve you their signature Iberico Pork from Spain! From their creamy Pumpkin Soup, appetizing Smoked Duck Jackfruit Salad, delicious Surume Ika, spicy Chili Crab Fires and smooth Chocolate Mouse, but their meat definitely steals the show.

The Wagyu Beef Bone Marrow was very unique and pairs really well with the bread, but our favourite will have to be the Iberico Top Loin and Iberico ribs – at first glance we thought it was beef due to its appearance however it is much more tender and juicier than beef itself, this is definitely a must try if you are a pork lover!

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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