Cor Blimey is a restaurant in SS15, Subang Jaya that specialises in fish & chips. The restaurant opened on February 2016, and became one of the first outside of areas like Changkat to serve a plate of authentic British fish & chips. As far as the interior goes, the restaurant is filled with many references to the UK, with the Union Jack making an appearance at almost every turn, and a wall filled with many signboards of familiar places in the UK can also be found. On top of this, many British hits are played in the background to further enhance the atmosphere.

At Cor Blimey, the menu here pretty much mimics the menu you would commonly find at a fish & chips restaurant in the UK; with a few extras thrown in for good measure. When it comes to the authentic fish & chips menu, customers can choose from 4 different types of fish to be the star of their plate of fish & chips (i.e. butterfish, dory, snapper, or the fish of the day). The fish can come in 3 other batter types besides the original batter, namely lemon & herb, coconut curry, and onion & garlic. The plate of fish & chips comes with a side of tartar sauce and chips (which can be mixed with the salt and vinegar found at each table in true British style). Beyond fish & chips, Cor Blimey is also known for their pan seared fish and seafood medley, which features every seafood item on the menu.


In short, Cor Blimey provides the authentic British fish & chips experience without the hassle of going to KL to enjoy it.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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