Bandar Botanic is home to an uprising cafe scene, as seen by the presence of cafes like Coffee Ink, Blackstone Bakery Cafe, and much more. Comic Coffee, a cafe that opened up in August 2015, is also a part of this ever growing fold. Comic Coffee is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur with great passion for coffee, who felt it was a great idea to open up a cafe given the great potential for hipster cafes in Klang with its emerging urban market. The interior of the cafe is filled with cute comical and cartoonish backdrops and a laid back neighbourhood atmosphere to go along with it.

While it may not be all that large, the menu at Comic Coffee offers a decent variety of food to be had. Customers can enjoy lighter bites like croissants, cheese toast, sandwiches, bread &  toast, and waffles, as well as snacks like French fries, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, and much more.

For something more substantial, diners can enjoy meals like the big breakfast, four different types of pasta which include spaghetti bolognaise, seafood aglio olio, salmon pasta, and classic carbonara.

As far as desserts go, there’s the aforementioned waffles, which can be had with ice cream. On top of this, there are a number of different cakes that can enjoyed as well, such as cheesecake and tiramisu to name a few. What I love more about the waffles is they include generous amount of strawberries, grapes, kiwi and banana, waffle coated with chocolate and sprinkled with bits of peanut. 

Being a cafe, it’s only natural to expect favorites like espresso, long black, cappuccino, latte, and much more. Comic Coffee is known to take these classics and make really great coffee art with them, whether they be designs of bears, Chinese characters, owls, and a whole lot more. More surprising is, they serve Nutella ice cube! This is whereby the cube is made from coffee and all you have to do is just pour the milk into it and it is ready to slip into you. 

In short, from the decor, to the coffee and food, there’s plenty to enjoy at Comic Coffee.