Housed in a small, shop lot in Taman Mayang, this small café gives cosiness and simplicity a whole new meaning to the very wide café industry that exists today. Opened and managed by Angie Leong and Kent Cheong, who are deaf and mute, aims to make and serve good food and drinks using the skills of creativity in making drinks and unique skill in baking, respectively. Although the shop is smaller in size than most other places, this café provides goodness, love and passion in all of the food or drinks served

Upon stepping inside the café, take a moment to absorb the simple and unsophisticated décor as well as the cosy and serene ambience, one of the few good places for you to do your assignments, have a meeting or even just to hang out with friends or your partner. 

On the other hand, if you just woke up and happen to be looking for breakfast, brunch or just happen to be in the mood for breakfast at a random time during the day, you are in luck, this place serves all day big breakfast set. It includes chicken bratwurst, fried eggs, luncheon meat, toast and bacon. 

Being a café, espresso-based drinks is served, a perfect combination for you to enjoy while doing whatever it is you happen to be doing. The usual espresso with milk, cafe lattes, cappuccino, flat whites, or the blacks, long blacks or café Americano, iced or hot can be found here. Other dishes to try includes, their in-house desserts and their range of pastas.
In a nutshell, Coffee Sprex is a pleasant spot to gather over with friends and family with good food, delectable desserts and freshly brewed coffees.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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