With One World Hotel currently in a number of their customers’ favourites, they take pride not only in their offered services but also their fare. Many have gone out of their way to experience this beautiful buffet and tea parlour named Cinnamon Coffee House. Still maintaining the Malaysian personality and infusing it with an international twist, Cinnamon Coffee House uses the most creative way to allow their patrons to not only enjoy good food but as well as great atmosphere.

The interior is beautifully decorated with both custom-made glass hanging from the ceiling together with warm colours for the furniture. Their arrangement of food is taken into consideration from placing their colourful desserts right at the start to capture the attention of all. The coffee house is known to practice an open-kitchen concept where the food is prepared first-hand in front of everybody. What is even more interesting is that their décor always differs so you are always up for a surprise.

When it’s always the time for a festive season, Cinnamon Coffee House will be sure to put you in the mood. Their Ramadhan buffet has captured the attention of not only the ones celebrating, but as well as the others that are just as intrigued to see what they have to offer. It changes yearly and it is halal therefore you can make it a statement to always pay a visit during the Ramadhan month. Christmas here is always dreamy with their assorted cakes and gingerbread houses on display.

Above all, their preparation for high-tea is always intriguing and amazing. Ranging from different types of bread to renowned pastries found only in certain selected places, it is always a treat.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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