ChubbeeCloud Petaling Jaya

Step into a pastel wonderland in ChubbeeCloud! Located at Damansara Uptown, this cafe is an aesthetic haven for instagrammers or even just those that enjoy a cute pastel environment! For guests are busy hitting those shots for the perfect gram, the cafe has 4 seasons to their theme that changes year round and when we visited it had a summery theme to it. 

Started out as an online gift shop 3 years ago, ChubbeeCloud expanded into a cafe and physical gift shop back in November of 2018! From customized marshmallows and gifts to rainbow toasts, ChubbeeCloud will definitely hit your insta feed with a punch of colours!

To further amplify the photo aesthetic, ChubbeeCloud serves a variety of totally adorable instagram worthy dishes! Not only pleasing for the gram, ChubbeeCloud specialises in a variety of toasts! From the nasi lemak toast to Elvis, ChubbeeCloud certainly has it all!

First up, we were served the Brown Sugar Boba Toast! Jumping into the bubble tea craze, this toast is stuffed with tapioca pearls and drizzled with brown sugar syrup! The pearls provided a very chewy texture which gives added a unique twist to the toast!

Brown Sugar Boba Toast

For those that prefer savoury taste to their toast, this Chubbee Club Toast is a rendition of the club sandwich. With thick slices of ham and melty cheese filling the crispy toast, this sandwich is the perfect company to your afternoon tea! The salted egg cracker fries and coleslaw at the side also added a refreshing hint to the dish for a perfect combination!

Chubbee Club Toast

However, the toast that stole the show was definitely ChubbeeCloud’s signature Happy toast! The rainbow coloured cheese stretches to reveal the bridge to happiness! It might look intimidating to some people at first due to the excessive looking coloring but rest assured as they only use natural colorants from vegetables!   


Happy Toast

When you order a Happy Toast, there’s a record to see how long can you stretch your toast and the all time record breaking toast was measured to be whopping 150 cm! If you manage to break the target, a gift box awaits!

Happy Toast

Other than toasts, ChubbeeCloud also serves a variety of magical looking drinks! Like this Magical Mericorn Milkshake! It comes in 3 different flavours but we were served the vanilla. Topped with marshmallows,rice krispies and candy, it was truly a magical combination! 


Magical Mericorn Milkshake

Fancy a cup of cat taking a fluffy bath? Hot Mallow Bath comes in 2 flavours, rich chocolate and coconut matcha! Though we would totally recommend rich chocolate for those that prefer a classic hot cup of hot chocolate as it would warm you up immediately! Definitely the perfect treat for a cold day!

Hot Mallow Bath

Last but not least, fancy a cup of rich chocolatey drink? Mess My Heart contains 3 different types of chocolate for that bittersweet richness that you might be craving for! Topped with dark and white chocolate shavings, this drink is definitely looking to mess with your heart! 

Mess My Heart

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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