Christine's @ Sunway Geo Petaling Jaya

Are you a bread and dessert lover? If you said YES, then this is the perfect place for you. Located in Sunway Geo, Christine's Breads.Cakes.Desserts is the French-Japanese style cafe, and are serving extraordinary food that has everyone buzzing about!   

This shop has very limited spaces but they serve all foods such as pastry, bread, toast, cakes, desserts and a must-try is their unique signature bread bowl! They focus on providing healthy, fresh and very delicious baked goodies to everyone who crave a handmade & local bread.



For starters you can start with the Things on Toast, if you are here for a balanced and nourishing meal. It is a series of sandwiches with toppings that reveals the capabilities of Christine's kitchen. 


There's a toast for practically every palate: If you enjoy the Japanese flavours, you should totally get your hands on "The Torched Salmon (RM 12)", which is topped with smoked salmon, layered with teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo and black pepper. 


Whereas if you prefer something with an Italian touch? "The Truffle Mushroom Cheese (RM 10)" opts for oyster and button mushrooms with cheese, onions and truffle oil on a richly savory garlic butter toast. 



And if you're after some classic and authentic Malaysian meal, the "Nasi Lemak Toast (RM 10)" is a covered with spicy anchovy sambal, roasted onions, groundnuts, cucumber and a wobbly yolked egg that proves that Nasi Lemak goes very well with bread.




Bread just doesn’t stay as normal bread as Christine’s. She and her team interprets their creativity and unique taste palates in the form of bread bowls. And as their tag line says “Yummy goodness in a bowl!”

Look into their Brunch in Bread section in the menu and choose from an array of combinations, from savory to sweet. Each bread bowl is enough to be shared by two people. For first timers, you may try their signature bread bowl which is “The Breakfast Bowl (RM19).” It’s a hearty breakfast bowl with chicken sausage, ham, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, egg yolk and loads of melted cheese.


And if you’re craving for something Japanese, don’t worry there is a perfect bread bowl for you called the “Salmon Japanese Benedict Bowl (RM20).” In this bread bowl, you’ll get a generous amount of smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms mixed with Japanese mayo, and baked with an egg yolk and cheese.


Also, there is something for all you sweet-tooth out there, it’s the “Chocolate Benoffee (RM20)” bread bowl. This bread bowl is packed with a heavenly mixture of marshmallows, bananas, chocolates and almonds.


After feeding yourself with all the impeccable dishes with unique flavors, treat yourself to their signature “Romantic Belgium Hot Chocolate (RM12)”, do not fret, you can order an ice chocolate too for rm15. It’s unlike your usual hot chocolate, the one from Christine’s has a super strong and sweet blueberry taste that will open up your taste buds to a whole new world of flavors. 


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