Chiang Rai Style Restaurant Puchong

Being a Thai food lover in Malaysia is not always easy as restaurants that serve delicious Thai food is pretty scarce. If you ever find yourself within the vicinity of Puchong, fear not. Chiang Rai Style Restaurant is an eatery that serves authentic northern Thai cuisine. Nestled in a neighbourhood dominated by Chinese restaurants, it is indeed a breath of fresh air for the locals who are looking to try something new.

The interior is simple and comfortable with wooden tables and chairs. Although it is not air-conditioned, large rattling celling fans do a good job of cooling patrons down from the Malaysian heat. It is a good place for families and friends to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

Their Thai Style Friend Rice is a must try. The rice is fluffy but not soft and lightly fried with an ample amount of eggs, onions, stalks of mustard greens, prawns and squid. The seafood is extremely freshand sweet. It is served with a spicy and slightly tangy sauce comprising of chopped garlic and chilli in a sweet and spicy chilli sauce. The dish comes with half a lime, so do squeeze in the juice to give your fried rice a zesty flavour. Do also sample their Tom Yam Seafood, a good ol’ Thai classic. Served in a clay pot, the piping hot soup is aromatic with the right amount of spices and not too spicy. The Stir Fried Petai (Stinkbeans) with Prawns is also delectable, laden with chopped onion equally as pungent but appetizing as the petai.