Looking for one of the best organic Masala teas around Kelana Jaya? Chayo Cafe makes them thirst quencher a little different beyond the usual spiced milk teas around. A fusion of both Indian and vegetarian dishes, the cafe started its operation in 2011 and is standing strong until today. Sevak Kaur, the founder of the place began the journey on the basis of to bring closer the original taste of Northern Indian dishes to Malaysia at a reasonable price where people from all walks of life can enjoy.

A little twist added to the concept, the cuisine is organic and vegetated unlike the typical mughlai’s where the dishes would deliberately promote unhealthy lifestyle for its high dairy content. We cannot blame the food though, in other words, who would not want meaty tikka masala stuffed with chunks of lambs as part of our weekly intake? However, one can always opt for a healthier version of such and that is exactly what Chayo is offering. The house mainly emphasized on five fresh ingredients namely cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and black pepper corn in preparing the dishes. Certainly those ingredients are what make the already-healthy Aloo Kafta with cashews or the Aloo Masala much appeasing.

With warmth colour tone and casual decoration setting the place, Chayo is perfect for a gathering while feasting on authentic Indian taste. To those who are blessed enough to stroll down the area at noon weekdays do not miss out on their buffet lunch promotion to get a taste on its famous vegetable curry or the paneer pakora