At the peak of the heat, bubble tea is the newfound obsession for Malaysians nowadays! Therefore to cater to that new demand, bubble tea brands are continuously popping up one by one and 茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble is no exception to jumping on board the trend. 

Huddled up in the forever bustling SS15, 茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble aims to bring a twist to the traditional roasted or brown sugar bubble tea that is currently the go to for every self proclaimed bubble tea connoisseur right now with their homemade teas and pearls!

The tea house is packed with students and working adults who is looking to get a tea break after a busy day. Attracting like minded individuals with their botanical and cosy interior, 茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble is definitely a great place to wind down and relax with your companions!

茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia is redefining the term homemade with their signature rainbow bubbles and brews! The rainbow bubbles are individually unique on their own as they each embody a different color and flavor such as dragon fruit to sakura! The best part is that they are all made from natural ingredients such as fruits and flowers so fear not of preservatives and excessive colourings.

Rainbow Pearl Matcha Latte

As one of the classics, this Rainbow Pearl Matcha Latte is simplicity at its best! Using Japanese imported matcha powder and fresh milk, this is definitely a must have for matcha lovers that enjoy an authentic yet refreshing matcha taste.

The Missing Spring Tea

The Missing Spring Tea is truly one of the bubble tea joint’s unique signatures. Equipped with 5 layers (osmanthus,grapefruit jelly, dragon fruit pearl, agar and 4 season green tea) of deliciousness for a truly delightful layered taste, this tea manifests spring in a cup!

Sencha Kumquat Rainbow Pearls

Back on the non conventional bubble teas, this Sencha Kumquat Rainbow Pearls is both sweet and sour as well as being an healthy alternative for health conscious people. The sweetness comes naturally from the bubbles so no need to feel guilty when it comes to a cup of bubble tea!

Fruit basket

For fruit tea lovers, the Fruit Basket contains every fruit imaginable (when you drink it)! From strawberries to pomelo, this fruit tea is the ultimate combination for fruit lovers!

Four Season Green Milk Tea with Sakura Pearls

Last but not least, the Four Season Green Tea Milk With Sakura Pearls is 茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia’s own rendition of the traditional bubble tea as they uses sakura pearls which are exclusive only at the tea house as well as 4 season green tea with fresh milk. This is definitely lighter than the bubble tea that most people are used to but it was charmingly pleasant!  

To encapsulate it all, 茶丸家 Cha Wan Jia Tea Bubble is truly its own unique experience for anyone seeking a fresh and healthy outlook on bubble tea! With more branches planned for opening soon, the tea house is anticipating more tea lovers to embrace their distinctive handcrafted taste. 

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