Some might already be aware of the term Cendol Bakar, but it is not to be confused with Cendol Bakar Auntie Sue. A different establishment under different owners, Cendol Bakar Auntie Sue already has multiple branches in Selangor. The name Cendol Bakar might give off a much cooler meaning but, no, it’s not. The ‘bakar’ or burnt part is the palm sugar commonly used in a cendol recipe. Auntie Sue apparently decides to ‘bakar’ the palm sugar for that deeper, more intense flavour. Pair that with the milky coconut goodness, poured over a bed of ice; it is ‘the’ Malaysian dessert.

Some usual favourites include the normal Cendol Bakar and Cendol Bakar with durian topping. Durian itself is an acquired taste, even for some Malaysians, but it is a taste that’s uniquely ours and don’t we all jump at any dish that has durian in it? Topped with gooey durian flesh, the strong taste is enough to seep into the bowl of cendol, and may leave the smell in your mouth.

Cendol is a dessert that is best enjoyed during the evening, and what best to enjoy it with other than Cendol Bakar’s Cucur Udang. Not like the usual plate of cucur udang, here it is served with a twist in the form of nuggets, crab rolls, and fried tofu along with the cucur udang. It’s more of a rojak with cucur udang really.

This branch of Cendol Bakar Auntie Sue in Dengkil even has a drive-thru for quick takeaways. They also offer catering services for any functions, including weddings, as well as deliveries to nearby areas regardless of quantity. Other options available here also include Cendol Bakar with toppings of PulutTapai, or Sweet CornLaksa, as well as other noodles.

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