A few years ago, owner Eddie Tan created Cake Tella because of passion supported dream. Although already in the culinary arts industry, as Eddie Tan was previously in the food business, he had to learn the ways of the baking world in his own kitchen. He may be self-trained but he does not do things half way. Even without professional training, Cake Tella has proved to be one of the best homemade cakes available.

The cake making industry is a competitive one, so to stay on top of his competition, Cake Tella specialises in alcoholic infused cakes. It may not cater to the bigger market but such rare treat keeps the people talking. Eventually, Cake Tella branches to non-alcoholic cakes as well to appeal to more customers with open options for customisation. However, the signature and popular cakes at Cake Tella are still the alcoholic ones; the Baileys Choc Mousse with Caramelised Hazelnuts, and the Kahlua Tiramisu with Caramelised Almonds. The two best selling cakes have three shots of Baileys and Kahlua respectively. The non-alcoholic selection is all mille crepes with flavours like Apple Crumble, Pecan Salted Caramel, and the usual Oreo and Nutella cakes. Customers can opt for more shots in their alcoholic cakes and add explosive popping sensation of Pop Rock Choc Man on top of the cake.

By using only the finest quality ingredients, rest assured that Cake Tella only serves the best to its customers. Some of these ingredients are imported such as the alcohol, hazelnut and mascarpone cheese. So much so that if you are disappointed with your cake, Cake Tella is willing to provide 100% refund and 50% off your next order. This shows that Cake Tella not only value their cakes but also the customer’s satisfaction. 

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